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Sue Govali; performer, instructor, & founder of Singing from the Center

Welcome to Singing from the Center

Singing from the Center is a unique path to find your true voice
and sing without fear.

developed by veteran performer & teacher Sue Govali, the courses
are based on over 30 years’ performing experience, & over 13 years of
teaching students of all ages & performing styles.

no matter what your challenges are, this method can teach
you to both enjoy singing & improve your voice.

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Developed by singer, performer, and teacher Sue Govali, this program is based on over 30 years performing experience and 15 years teaching students of all ages and performing. styles.

It’s designed to help you:

  • Overcome stage fright
  • Learn to really shine onstage
  • Get to the essence of who you really are as a performer

How it Works

In essence, this program aims to connect you to a deeper part of yourself, so that when you get up in front of an audience you feel confident and powerful.

Advance through 3 Levels of Learning:

Level 1

You learn the technical aspects of learning to sing. 41 videos, vocal exercises, a manual and an extensive database of related articles to help with the learning process

Level 2

You use the knowledge of Level 1 to help you tap into the energetic powers of the body (the Chakras). Level 2 has 13 videos, 5 meditations and many related articles to help you tap into your deep, creative power.

Level 3

Takes you on a journey to “the center of you”, the ultimate aim being to have creative Mastery. You’ll do this through live teaching sessions, vocal exercises, mp3 playlists, meditations, and a large selection of articles to help you move an audience deeply and powerfully when singing and perfoming.

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Try this 2 minute Breathing Exercise for Instant Diaphragm Release

Most of us breathe from the upper chest and lungs, and never get to use the diaphragm; a huge wall of muscle in the center of the body.

This short clip demonstrates how to breathe properly, fully, from the diaphragm. It also explains some of the core ideas behind this program.

Watch an audience of 100 people singing with confidence, after just a 10 minute lesson!

Some reviews from students who have tried this program:

“I feel so changed for the better, and feel an enomous growth of confidence and control since I started this program” J. F.

“Wow. It expanded my potential and helped me to find areas of my voice I didn’t know existed – and helped me tune into my body so much more!” J.D

“Thank you! Your program has helped me perform in a much more connected, intuitive and authentic way” C.O